Howdy, we are Blue Giraffe and we’re all about stories and games

We create games that are all about experience. We take great care in creating a compelling story and crafting beautiful products that are a joy to play. And we're not shy of getting you involved.

Our games

Heart's Medicine
Hospital Heat

Allison returns at Little Creek Hospital where she is confronted with her past. Will she able to handle the heat?

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Heart's Medicine
Time to Heal

Allison, aspiring surgeon, finds herself falling for the Head of Hospital, Daniel. That is, until she bumps into Connor…her old flame.

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Cook & Go
Delicious Emily's Cook & Go

Enjoy this special 10th Anniversary Edition with endless gameplay! Serve dishes all over the world. Can you take the heat?!

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Delicious 12
Emily's Hopes & Fears

When Paige succumbs to a mysterious illness, Patrick embarks in search of a cure. Join Emily and Patrick in the twelfth installment of the Delicious.

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Delicious 11
Emily's Home Sweet Home

Help the O'Malleys fix up their dream house! After a warm welcome, some neighbors reveal a different nature.

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Delicious 10
Emily's New Beginning

After living on a pink cloud for over a year Emily decides to reopen Emily's Place. However, with a baby to take care of, things will be different.

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Delicious 9
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise

Join Emily in the next chapter of the popular Delicious series. Newlyweds Emily and Patrick go on a honeymoon when Jimmy offers them a cruise!

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Delicious 8
Emily's Wonder Wedding

Emily's getting married. Gather all her friends to be part of this special occasion. Will she get everything in order to have a wonderful wedding?

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Delicious 7
Emily's True Love

Emily receives a mysterious letter form an old flame. She decides to go to Paris and find her lost love. Will she find what she is looking for?

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Hangman, the familiar word guessing game is now modernized and available on iPad. With the Hot Seat mode you can play against friends!

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Train you memory gland with this concentration game. Packed with various themes to choose from. Available on iPad and android tablets.

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Peg Mosaic

This game will teach young children to recreate patterns. In creation mode you can make your own patterns and have even more fun.

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Rex Rooster

The fence around the henhouse has been broken and ferocious predators are on the march. Rex Rooster is the only one who can stop them!

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Team Blue Giraffe

Jenny Klement
Level Designer

Anything can be balanced

Jedidjah Noomen
Story writer

Story, script and everything between the lines

Fenna Engels
2D artist

Crafting beautiful products

Tj'ién Twijnstra
Game designer

Experienced game designer

Sebastiaan van W.
Game designer

Creating beautiful game mechanics and writing a compelling story

Daan Boon
Technical 3D Artist

Seasoned 3D artist with a strong background in casual games

Hugo Smits

Hugo has been building games for Nintendo and fell in love with mobile

Melvin Poos

Re-inventing the engine

José Koppes
3D Artist

Crafting beautiful 3D animations with feel

Bart van den Berg
Developer / Business

Backend, game developer with over 10 years experience

Luc Bloom
Lead Architect

10+ years in C++ development

Raymon Manders
3D artist

Allround 3D artist with awesome feel for character animation

Roel Verbroekken
Lead Developer

Over 10 years of experience in the world of gaming Roel knows how to create anything gamy.

Jason Landbrug
Game designer

Balancing between level and game design

Ruud Havenith
Lead artist

Bringing characters and worlds to life is what makes Ruud’s heart tick. His style is a perfect match for casual games.

Wanna play?

Yes! We are open for business. Come and visit us at our new head office on Strijp-S. Parking is just a few meters from our studio and the coffee is hot!


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